‘You’re Fired!’ Won’t Fix Government

Philip K. Howard, Washington Post, October 2, 2015

Philip discusses the fallacy of looking for a strong man.

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How Lengthy Environmental Review Harms the Environment

Philip K. Howard, Huffington Post, September 21, 2015

Philip explains how environmental review actually harms the environment.

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People Who Prove Broken Government Can Work

Mark Funkhouser, Governing, September 1, 2015

Governing publisher and Kansas City (MO) mayor Mark Funkhouser reviews The Rule of Nobody.

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What Are the 2016 GOP Candidates Reading?

Tevi Troy, Observer, August 21, 2015

Observer article cites Philip’s The Rule of Nobody as a recent read by Gov. Jeb Bush.

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Nimby Nation: The High Cost To America Of Saying No To Everything

Christopher Helman and Daniel Fisher, Forbes, July 30, 2015

Philip describes how letting anyone exercise a legal veto on a project “is ‘bureaucratic mental illness.’”

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Too Many Rules Put Everyday Fun At Risk

Chris Churchill, Albany Times Union, July 8, 2015

Chris Churchill cites Philip in op-ed on how legal fear affects everyday life.

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Empowering the Next President—and the Next Congress

Gene Steuerle, The Government We Deserve, June 3, 2015

The Urban Institute’s Gene Steuerle cites The Rule of Nobody in an essay on why government officials should be allowed to exercise their authority.

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Rebuild NYC’s Broken Bureaucracy

Philip K. Howard, New York Daily News, May 25, 2015

Politicians urging massive investments to rebuild America’s infrastructure ignore the other hurdle to modernizing it: a red-tape jungle that ensnarls projects for upwards of a decade.

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The High Cost of Delaying Infrastructure Repairs

Philip K. Howard, Washington Post, May 15, 2015

What is needed for infrastructure approvals is basic: Congress must create clear lines of authority to make decisions.

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Experts Explore Permitting Obstacles to Infrastructure Projects

Timothy B. Clark, Government Executive , May 13, 2015

Tim Clark reports on Common Good’s May 12 Infrastructure Week forum, quoting Philip Howard.

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From the Front Lines of Infrastructure Week

Robyn Boerstling, Shopfloor (National Association of Manufacturers), May 13, 2015

Robyn Boerstling writes about The Rule of Nobody and how its themes apply to America’s infrastructure problem.

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A Chief Permitting Officer for Federal Projects: Does Portman-McCaskill Go Far Enough?

Jeff Yoders, MetalMiner, April 16, 2015

Philip Howard is interviewed on the Portman-McCaskill Federal Permitting Improvement Act of 2015.

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