Book Review: The Rule of Nobody

Jesse Singal, Boston Globe, April 17, 2014

We’re so used to lawsuits, to confrontation, to the idea that only rules can keep…

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Regulation Is Strangling Innovation—and Even Safety

Kyle Smith, New York Post, April 13, 2014

The Rule of Nobody "is a plea to get things done, and an explanation of why they aren’t."

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Our Mindless Government Is Heading for a Spending Disaster

Nick Gillespie, The Daily Beast, April 10, 2014

The Rule of Nobody "helps to explain why government at all levels not only is on autopilot but on a flight path that can only end in disaster."

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Book Review: The Rule of Nobody

Stuart Taylor, Wall Street Journal, April 14, 2014

Philip Howard “argues that the very structure of our democracy is…clogged by deep thickets of dysfunctional law.” The Rule of Nobody “drives home large truths.”

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Philip Howard Explains Why Washington Is Broken: It’s Run By Dead People

Luke Johnson, Huffington Post, April 5, 2014

“The problem is...rooted in outdated laws and special interest money that make change difficult, if not impossible.”

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Howard’s Daily

Huffington Post, February 15, 2014

Philip Howard's commentary on news stories, articles, and ideas of the day, published on the Huffington Post.

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Why It Takes So Long to Build a Bridge in America

Wall Street Journal, November 22, 2013

Building new infrastructure would enhance U.S. global competitiveness, improve our environmental footprint and, according to McKinsey studies, generate almost two million jobs.

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Rules Can’t Think: Why Government Needs Radical Simplification

The Atlantic, October 20, 2012

The U.S. government has become a rusty pile of accumulated entitlements, endless forms, and overlapping programs.

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Starting Over with Regulation

Wall Street Journal, December 3, 2011

Taking responsibility is basically illegal in the modern regulatory state.

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Results-Based Regulation: A Blueprint for Starting Over

Common Good, December 3, 2011

Between deregulation on one end, and regulatory micromanagement on the other, is a more sensible option: Results-based regulation.

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Reform Is Not Enough: The Federal Government Needs a Complete Makeover

The Atlantic, August 3, 2012

A deviant subculture is defined by sociologist Anthony Giddens as one "whose members have values…

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Real People, Not Regulations, Are the Key to Accountability

The Atlantic, August 17, 2012

To cure the deviant subculture of government, abandon bureaucracy and put humans on the spot.

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