Too Much Federal Regulation Has Piled Up in America

Economist, March 2, 2017

Philip’s work detailing the permitting of upgrades to the Bayonne Bridge is cited.

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How Trump Can Save Almost $1 Trillion in 10 Easy Steps

Philip K. Howard, Daily Beast, February 28, 2017

Philip offers ten areas where President Trump could cut wasteful spending in Washington.

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Speed Limits on Trump’s Infrastructure Drive: Federal Laws, Rare Species and Nimbys

David Harrison, Wall Street Journal, February 13, 2017

Philip and Common Good are cited in this article on the causes of delay in permitting infrastructure projects.

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The President’s Right to Say ‘You’re Fired’

Philip K. Howard, Wall Street Journal, January 30, 2017

Philip argues that the civil service system, as currently structured, is unconstitutional and could be rebuilt by an executive order.

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Civil Service Reform: Reassert the President’s Constitutional Authority

Philip K. Howard, American Interest, January 28, 2017

Philip expands on his January 30th Wall Street Journal essay on the need to remake the civil service system.

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Love to Hate Regulation? What’s Realistic to Expect Under Trump

Leigh Buchanan, Inc. , January 23, 2017

Philip is quoted in an article about what to expect regarding regulation under the Trump administration.

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Infrastructure Lessons from the California High-Speed Rail Fiasco

Michael Barone, Washington Examiner, January 19, 2017

Philip and Common Good are cited in this commentary offering advice on infrastructure investing to the Trump administration.

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Billions for Red Tape

Philip K. Howard, Right of Way, January 9, 2017

Common Good’s May 2016 report—titled “Billions for Red Tape” and authored by Philip—is excerpted for the January/February cover story for Right of Way magazine.

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Six Presidents Have Failed to Cut Red Tape. Here’s How Trump Could Succeed.

Philip K. Howard, Washington Post, December 14, 2016

Philip makes the case for what's needed to finally tame the red tape monster.

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Democracy for an Age of Distrust

Philip K. Howard, American Interest, November 16, 2016

Philip writes on why America’s current crisis of democratic identity can’t be resolved merely with new policies at the top.

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The Red Tape Conundrum

Brian O'Keefe, Fortune , October 20, 2016

This cover story on red tape from Fortune’s November issue highlights the work of Philip and Common Good. “You can’t reform this system,” says Philip. “You have to rewrite it. That’s the lesson of history.”

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We Can’t Change Washington—So Let’s Dismantle It and Spread It Around

Philip K. Howard, Daily Beast, October 17, 2016

Philip describes Washington’s toxic culture, and proposes a radical solution to fix it.

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