Try Common Sense Reviews and Endorsements

Various Publications, February 1, 2019

Read reviews and endorsements of Philip’s new book, Try Common Sense, including from TIME and Kirkus Reviews, as well as leading thinkers such as Jonathan Haidt, Mary Ann Glendon, and Sen. Al Simpson.

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Make America Work Again

Philip K. Howard, The Hill, September 29, 2020

Philip offers an overhaul vision for frustrated voters who simply want to see government work again. He writes: "Americans aren’t angry because government aims too high .... What drives Americans nuts is the clumsy way government does things."

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Good Government Is the Answer

Editorial, Florida Times-Union, August 31, 2020

The Florida Times-Union endorses the Campaign for Common Good, chaired by Philip. "Common Good doesn't want to eliminate government but make it work sensibly, cleaning out waste, inefficiency and obsolete programs."

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The Huge Voter Issue Democrats are Ignoring

Donald F. Kettl and Philip K. Howard, Newsweek, August 19, 2020

Philip and University of Texas Professor Don Kettl argue that Democrats are making a mistake by not offering a plan to make government work better.

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Could Covid Finally Disrupt the Top-Down Education Bureaucracy?

Philip K. Howard, Education Next, August 11, 2020

Philip argues that now's the time to jettison the top-down bureaucracy for good, and restore the local autonomy needed to build energetic school cultures.

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COVID-19 Shows Why We Need to Reboot Government in America. Here’s How We Can Do It.

Philip K. Howard, USA Today, July 27, 2020

Philip argues that Americans at all levels of responsibility have been disempowered from making sense of public choices.

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A Social Contract for Pandemics

Philip K. Howard, The Hill, July 26, 2020

Philip offers a principled vision for a new social contract for dealing with pandemics. "A new pandemic social contract is needed that reassures Americans they will not be left to fend for themselves if they get sick."

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Power to the People

Grant Addison, Washington Examiner, June 25, 2020

Philip is interviewed by Grant Addison about the Campaign for Common Good. “The idea is to have people think about how government should work,” he states.

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An Action Plan for Saving America’s Transportation Infrastructure

Philip K. Howard, Washington Examiner, June 12, 2020

Philip lays out a four-part plan for fixing America’s decrepit infrastructure.

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Public Trust in Police Is Fractured. Here’s How to Fix It.

Philip K. Howard, USA Today, June 8, 2020

Philip explains why there can be no social trust unless people are accountable to those they serve.

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Misdiagnosing the Failed State

Philip K. Howard, City Journal, May 11, 2020

Philip argues that experts are confusing symptoms for causes in addressing the toxic combination of polarized politics, cultural divisions, and growing cynicism. And what Americans need is the freedom to take responsibility.

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Why America Needs a Recovery Commission in Aftermath of Coronavirus

Philip K. Howard, USA Today, May 4, 2020

Philip argues that a Recovery Authority is an ideal vehicle to enforce fiscal discipline on states in exchange for federal relief.

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